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A good decision is based on knowledge not numbers

About Us

We are a company focused on mobile advertising, with a solid technical spine. Our mission is to deliver unmatched results for our advertisers and media partners. Advertisers benefit from our expertise in targeting and media optimization, which allows them to maximize their quality and ROI for every campaign on all mobile channels. We provide our media partners with powerful mobile inventory monetization for high fill and eCPM.

Located in New York City, the world's capital of media companies and a house to many advertising agencies and innovative start-ups. Moreover, NYC is home to top-tier academic institutions with the best talents and experts in the world.

We're Creative

We look at numbers differently, we make decisions differently

We're algo-minded

We're constantly improving our algorithms, based on results.

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Do you have a passion for numbers? Do you love efficiency?

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Our Services

Our proprietary technology is based on real time machine learning at big data scale. This enables data driven, cross platform targeting and user acquisition, resulting in maximum ROI for both Advertisers and Publishers

We are not a typical app distribution company. We rely heavily on our technical spine, which play an important role in each one of our areas of focus.


A mobile advertising app which allows it's users to view apps differently, with a social twist.


A fully functional secure Bitcoin wallet where users can earn Bitcoins for installing sponsored apps.

ASO Services

We specialize in mobile marketing, specifically ASO (App Store Optimization). We'll get your app to the top of the charts and highest ranks for any keyword.